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Stay Connected to Your Employees: National Nurses’ Week

Nurses Standing Outside A Hospital

National Nurses’ Week is celebrated this year Tuesday, May 6th through Monday, May 12th. Take advantage of this time to express your gratitude for your nursing staff. It is also a great time to exhibit how important and crucial their role is in your practice and in the everyday lives of the public are. Below are some ideas to help celebrate your staff.

  • Celebrate each of the seven days with a creative and small gift. For example, on one of the days gift each nurse a pack of Lifesaver candy with a small note saying, “You’re a Lifesaver!”
  • Provide breakfast or lunch for your nursing staff as a small expression of thanks.
  • Post literature around your practice advertising National Nurses’ Week to help raise awareness on the importance of the nursing role.
  • Bring in a licensed massage therapist for your nursing staff to take advantage of as they get the chance throughout the day. The medical field, especially nursing, can be quite stressful and providing your staff with a little bit of complimentary stress relief can go a long way.

Use the above ideas and add some of your own by brainstorming with other non-nursing staff in your office. Mark your calendars and do not forget your important nursing staff!

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