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Patient Cost Estimating: The Benefits You Should Know

Patient Filling in a Form

One of the most powerful resources healthcare providers have recently been using is providing patients with cost estimates prior to the actual service itself.

As higher deductibles and co-insurance are becoming the norm, utilizing patient cost estimates could be something to consider in your practice. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Avoids patient dissatisfaction. Many patients are unaware of the costs they will incur despite having insurance. Because the bill will come from your facility, the sticker shock can often times lead to angry patients. The sticker shock can be avoided with a pre-service estimate.
  • A patient care estimate provides the provider with an opportunity to demonstrate the responsibility of the patient themselves. Without addressing the cost upfront, a healthcare provider is unable to show the patient what portion of their care they are soley responsible for.

If you have not already done so, patient care estimates should be something you shoudl consider – especially with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act coming in 2015.

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